Zoeva Powder Brush

Zoeva Powder Brush
For a year I had only used one powder brush, the Real Techniques Powder Brush, nothing else compared, then after owning a few Zoeva Brushes I thought I'd pick up their Powder brush and everything changed!

I own several Zoeva brushes, I did a haul of my first purchases just HERE and also mentioned the brushes I picked from IMATS just HERE which is where I picked up the Zoeva Powder brush.

As I said, I'd been using the Real Techniques Powder brush for over a year but ever since I picked up the Zoeva Powder Brush I haven't put it down once, ok I don't go to bed with it, but you know what I mean! 

Zoeva Powder Brush

Zoeva Powder Brush

Zoeva Powder Brush

I already knew how amazing the quality of Zoeva brushes were from the three that I already owned, but damn, this brush is just amazing. The softness of the bristles are like no other makeup brush I have ever felt, and considering that the price range on all of Zoeva brushes is reasonably low, this is a very rare find.

The Powder brush is made from vegan synthetic bristles, which is how a lot of companies now want to go, as the whole animal cruelty and testing in cosmetics is constantly being scrutinized, especially within Europe. The biggest challenge with synthetic bristles is to make them feel soft, like animal hairs, but Zoeva, amongst other brands, have managed to do just that. This brush feels like it's natural, you would never think for one moment that this was synthetic. The hairs feel so soft and remain soft after washing. I love that this is nice and fluffy and straight after washing it not only dries quickly, but the brush bounces straight back in to it's glorious fluffyness of pure softness straight away!

Applying my powder with this is gorgeous. It leaves my skin matte, how I want it, but my skin looks so much more airbrushed that before and not as caked up as it once did look.

I also like this the brush is quite short, some of my other brushes have really long handles, which makes fitting them in to a small makeup bag for when I'm out and about a bit tricky, but not with this, it slots into a small makeup bag perfectly! The design of the brush is lovely too, I love the dark hairs graduating into white hairs, it kind of makes the brush look very premium and high end don't you think? The Zoeva logo and name is engraved into the brush too and won't be rubbing off like some other brushes *cough* MAC. Which is another plus point for me, as I do hate when you spend a lot of money on a brush and the logo rubs off after a few weeks!

I will no doubt try other powder brushes along the way, but this, damn, it's a beauty and will no doubt remain my favourite no matter what! I own several Zoeva brushes so if you would like to see a review on the brushes I own please do let me know and I'll make sure I give them a good thorough clean and give you the low down on them all!

The Zoeva Powder Brush retails at £11.50 from Love Makeup or for €12.80 from Zoeva.com

Do you own and Zoeva brushes? What is your favourite Makeup brush range?

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