If you come here often then you'll know that JustJulie was short listed in the 'Best New Beauty Blog' Category at the 2014 Como Blog Awards. Although I didn't win, it was still a great experience! Be warned this post is long and very photo heavy so grab a biscuit and a cup of tea!

The Cosmo Blog Awards was held in the gorgeous second floor of the OXO Tower in London, South Bank, which over looks some gorgeous views of London and the River Thames. Before arriving at the venue, I met up with the gorgeous Carly from Carly's Beauty World who was also shortlisted in the same category. We had got chatting on Twitter since the short list came out and she was even more lovely in person. I do think within five minutes of meeting me, Carly had realised the night would be eventful!

It took me five minutes before the dressing table at the hotel was full of all my crap!

Upon arriving at the OXO Tower we were greeted with glasses of champagne, there was also a cocktail bar where you could drink your favourite cocktails, I'll be honest, I ended up just sticking with the champagne as my glass seemed to be getting constantly topped up! There was swarms of beautiful women, all looking glamorous where ever you looked! There were a few guys there too, who I do feel sorry for, as it's clear from the whole layout that the night was more geared towards the women!

Me and carly bumped into the lovely Kristina from Creepers and Cupcakes who also came runner up in our category and walked away with the 'Highly Commended Best New Beauty Blog Award'. I've been reading her blog for some time now, so I'm pleased she walked away with an award. I did have a photo of us all, but sadly the photo was just blurry! We also chatted to a few other bloggers who was in the same category as us, Emma from Emma Griffy, who in my opinion has one of the best blogs out of all of the top 9 in our category and Maddie from Qworter Life Crisis who I really recommend you go have a read of her blog, as it's really quirky, which I love! Just before we were leaving Malika from Malika Chady, again another blogger in the same category came up to me, unfortunately we were just heading out of the door so didn't get to hang around for long to chat, but of course, there is always time for a photo! 

I bumped into one of my favourite bloggers and vloggers, Mikhila from Miss Budget Beauty who I've mentioned twice here before, who won the award for 'Best Established Beauty Blog' which I'm so thrilled, as I've said before that she is so dedicated to her blog and YouTube channel. Yes I was a total fan girl, in fact a nearly 33 year old fan girl when I saw her! She seriously must have walked away thinking what the actual F***especially as I was quite drunk. The normal me, is chatty, loud and has a slight filter but the drunk me is even louder and has no filter at all, I honestly have no control over the words that come out of my mouth! Luckily anyone who knows me, knows what I'm like when I'm drunk, but I do fear for those who don't know me, as they probably get quite scared! I'm totally insane and crazy and it's quite an experience! In fact, there is a vlog of me drunk on YouTube, and no, I'm not linking you to it! ha

I'm going to be honest here. The night was good, I had a fabulous time BUT to me it didn't feel like an awards ceremony, it was just like a fancy PR event, just with a DJ, women dressed up drinking cocktails and champagne. I think I'd hyped it up so much that I thought it would be more of a glitzy night. There was stations to get your hair, nails and makeup done, which to me was a little odd, as everyone was already dressed up for the night. I know I wouldn't let anyone try and re-do my hair and makeup that I had spent weeks planning... The actual awards part was over and done with in what seemed like 5 minutes (it was probably around 20 minutes) none of the winners actually got to speak, they just walked up, got their award, had their photo done and then it was on to the next award. Maybe it was me being daft and expecting a bigger deal would be made over each winner, but I do think it would have been nice to allow the winners to just say a quick thank you message.

Anyway, after the awards were over and done with, a few more drinks were had and then me and Carly were starving, so we left to meet up with her other half and his brother, who were in Pizza Express, and I had the best pizza in a long time. Food just seems to taste better after you've had a drink right?! Oh I forgot, we also got a goodie bag full of lot's of products, some were a little confusing like the deep heat pad and e cigarette...

I wore a black playsuit, which had see through lace on the sleeves and back from Oasis. My shoes, which I just love were from Newlook and my bag was from Next. The Earrings  were from Newlook too and the necklace, bracelet and bangles were from Primark. I will be doing a makeup look of what I wore on the night in a future post. (I didn't take up close photos so will have to re-do it)

It was a great night, just a night that I expected more from, but I'm so pleased to have met Carly and the other bloggers too! It was an amazing achievement to have been shortlisted. It turns out over 46,000 blogger nominations and then a further 36,000 votes were cast, which is unreal, and apparently they're the most nominations and votes to date! So to be in the top 9 new beauty blogs is an phenomenal achievement, one that is  very overwhelming, especially as that only happened because of you, my loyal readers, who many I officially class as friends, so thank you! Also on the day JustJulie hit 2000 bloglovin followers, which is just crazzzzzy! So thank you again!

Sorry this is so long, hope you enjoyed reading this huge post!!!

Until Next Time
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