I have an over flowing drawer full of beauty samples, be it from the beauty boxes I'm subscribed to or just from me picking up samples from where I work. So I thought I'd start a new feature, Bite Sized Beauty, which will be mini reviews of some of the deluxe samples that I've been trying out.
I'll be honest, a lot of the samples I receive aren't worth writing about and tend to get thrown in to the bottomless sample drawer, never to be seen again! However occasionally I do try a sample that has made me want to buy the full sized product, so my first post is going to be about the samples that I've been loving lately!

  • NARS Pro Prime - Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base,. Full size £19.50 Did you know NARS have amazing sized samples? Well they do and I have quite a few now (NARS have recently opened a counter in the store I work in) OMG this is amazing. The texture is different to other eye primers I own, in that this is almost silicon like but damn this keeps my eyeshadow in place for over 12 hours and helps intensify the colours too. I'll definitely pick this up when my Urban Decay Primer Potion runs out!
  • Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick, Warm Almond. Full Size £29 No I don't wear a dark foundation, but one of the girls on the Bobbi Brown counter gave me this dark foundation stick to try out for contouring. I've always just used a powder bronzer to contour with, but using this cream version allows me to create a contour that looks natural, as if I actually have naturally defined features, which I really don't have! This is easy to blend in and you need to only apply the smallest amount.
  • Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief - All Skin Types. Full Size, £34 I've mentioned this before in my Current Skincare Regime Post a few months ago and went on to buy the full sized product. As Someone with oily yet dehydrated skin this is a must have product for me to use. I tend to use this at night time to allow my skin to really drink the gel up yet it still helps to balance out my oily skin. Believe me, this has made a huge difference to my skin. I love it! They also sell a version for dry skin, which I've no doubt is amazing too.
  • Benefit The POREfessional. Full Size £24.50 A cult product that doesn't really need going into too much detail. I love this it really helps to provide my skin with a smooth base for my foundation and helps to keep my makeup in place all day. I'll be honest, I've never bought the full size before as I was given two 7ml samples, and received another larger sample in a beauty box, and because this lasts such a long time I have never run out! 
  • Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. Full size starts from £20 This is a recent sample I was given at work and I've been using this for nearly three weeks so far and I've only just reached half way through this sample. I've raved about other primers before but wow, this is the Rolls Royce of primers. Not your typical silicon primer in that it's almost like a lotion and is so light weigh too. This really sticks to your skin and anything you put over the top is not budging all day! My makeup has been looking so much smoother and flawless since using this. This is now on my wish list of products I MUST buy!
  • LancĂ´me Visionnaire Serum. Full size, from £60 Again another product I mentioned in my Current Skincare Regime Post. I was lucky to be given around 9 samples of this which lasted me just over three months, which enabled me to use it long enough to fall in love with it! I use this as my night time serum and it has helped to even out my slightly uneven skin tone, especially across my cheeks where I'm quite red. I was about to buy the full sized serum when a good friend of mine actually gave me the full sized bottle, which was so lovely, and also saved me £60! A must have for anyone concerned with uneven skin tone.
  • Pro:Voke Touch Of Silver Brightening Shampoo. Full Size £3.09 Ok this is a bit of a cheat as this is a full sized product, but it's small enough to count as a bite sized beauty product! As a a non natural blonde I like to use a shampoo that will help take away any brassy tones and this is amazing at achieving that. I've used more expensive brands but they don't seem to do the same job as this. I only leave it on for one minute, as that's long enough for me before turning my hair purple! Such a bargain too! This does dry my hair out a little so I only use this about two-three times a month just to keep those brassy tones away!
  • Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish The iconic hot cloth cleanser that I've only recently tried. I actually had this sample in my drawer for months but forgot to use it. I found it and thought I'd try it out, see if it was worth all the hype that surrounds it and believe me, this really is amazing! I wear a lot of makeup so wasn't sure if this would be enough to break it all down, but it really is, it also leaves my skin feeling very clean, smooth and soft! This is amazing and I'll be purchasing the full size come pay day!

So that's it, a small review on a few of the samples I've been using. I like that these are big enough to allow you to use them several times (in some cases weeks) before forking out money on a product that may just suck! Every one of these are worth the money, and those I haven't bought yet will no doubt be purchased shortly!

Do you find that samples help you in deciding whether to buy a product or not? What sample has made you fall in love with the product?
Until Next Time
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