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Hey, do you remember me?! I'm Sian Marie Beauty I think we've met before! 
Since the lovely Julie is making her way to the Cosmo awards today, I thought I would step in and give her a helping hand on her blog. Which may as I add made it to 2000 followers today. Well done Julie :D
Right lets get cracking on with my post :)

Are you lazy like me? Can't be bothered with washing your hair everyday? Sometimes leave it up to 3 days! Then like me, you probably love dry shampoos. I have only ever really used Batiste and Girlz Own (a cheaper brand). But recently I won a giveaway on As Seen By Bea,  which included the Redken Pillow Proof Two Day Extender. Which got me thinking, which one is better?

Redken VS Batiste

The both have really gorgeous packaging. The Redken is a little more professional I would say compared to the Batiste which looks a lot more "fun". It defiantly stands out more. I would go more for the brighter packaging from the consumers point of view.

Between the Redken and the Batiste there is a massive price difference. Redken is £15.80 for 153ml. Where Batiste is £2.99 for 200ml. So you get more from Batiste and nearly at 95% cheaper! That one is a no brainer surely?! 

Now this is where Batiste defiantly has the upper hand. They have so many different scents, so it does make this part of the VS a little unfair. But I will base my decision on the Tropical. It is a really fruity scent which lingers in your hair nearly all day. Almost like perfume for your hair. The Redken has a very sweet smell to it. Also lasts all day in your hair. On this one then defiantly draw. 

The final one. The product itself. 
Batiste does leave that awful white residue in your hair, which takes some serious massaging in to get rid off. This is a massive downfall for them. The Redken does not leave any residue in your hair at all. It defiantly has that something a little extra. It also last longer than the Batiste. I find with Redken my hair is still quite fresh looking at the end of the day, whereas Batiste will wear off after a few hours. 

Personally I will always go for Batiste as it is so cheap. But the Redken is a great dry shampoo when you are feeling like pampering your hair a little. I would never use it day to day. You can tell that it is a little more high end than the Batiste. You are paying for quality not quantity.

Which one would you pick?
Or do you have any recommendations of other dry shampoos for me?

Thank you for reading my guest post on JustJulie today, I hope you enjoyed it!
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