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Unless you've been living under a rock over the past month or so you will already be aware of Personal Planner UK as a lot of bloggers were reviewing and holding giveaways where you could win your very own personal planner. Now I didn't win one and I wasn't sent one either, I just loved the idea of personalising my own planner so I ordered one myself and thought I'd share my thoughts on the planner and the website too.

What has made Personal Planner UK so desirable is that you can personalise you're own planner from the inside out, and as you can see from my title photo, I went a little bit further than most people! 

A little bit of information on Personal Planner UK for those who aren't aware of them is that they're a website where you can create your very own planners, note books, calenders and accessories and literally fully design the whole thing. So yes one quirky aspect of the website is designing the front of your planner, but you can choose what date you'd like your planner to start, the layout in which you would like the days to be laid out. You can also add modules to the bottom of each page, for examples, to do lists, graphs, workouts, exams ect. Also you get the option of choosing what pages you'd like at the back of your planner from ruled paper, address book, maps, you can even add pages of sudoku. Literally everything about the planners are customisable and completely unique to fit your own needs. 

Now we are heading into November and I'm already thinking about next year, so I decided to have my planner start from January 2015, which makes sense to me as I can start a fresh new year this way. You'll also noticed that I went all out with the front of my planner. I've seen most people have their blog names on the front page but for me I wanted my blog logo. My logo is the branding behind my blog and I'm proud of it so for me, anything associated with my blog will have my logo on it, plus I like to be a bit different!

The second page allows you to add writing. It gives you the options of putting your name and address details but for me I wanted to use a phrase that will inspire me every day so I choose to have 'Replace every negative thought with a positive one' because in blogging, work and my private life I can get bogged down with the negatives, but I'll never succeed if I don't focus on the positives, so I thought this would be a good little reminder! I didn't want my address on there either so kept it simple and chose my name and blog URL

As I said before you can choose how you want the days to be laid out. As this will be a planner that I'll be using to plan every aspect of my life I wanted every day to be the same size and this layout worked best for me, it also gave me some free space to write notes in if I need to. I added a box under every day so that I can write in my work shifts too.

You can add a little ruler to your planner, which to be honest for me it's pretty pointless, but I made it pink to keep it within the theme of the planner. As I said before you can add modules to the bottom of each page. You can choose four different ones if you want but I opted for the modules that I knew I'd use more. Yes to do lists. I always have so much to do so felt I needed to have three! The other module I chose was 'Notes' as you know us bloggers like to write notes down!

At the back you can also add calender overview pages and can choose the years you want. I choose 2015-2016, again no point in having 2014! I like the overview pages as it means I can have a clear, easy to read overview of blogging days and posts, I'll also add in my work rotas here too. Finally for the last 50 pages I chose to have just lined paper as the final option (I didn't take a photo as lined paper is just boring) so that I have plenty of space to jot down ideas.

The personal planner also comes with a clear wallet which you need to fit in yourself, which will be where I'll keep my blog business cards for when I'm out and about. 

As a whole I do think the personal planner is such an amazing and unique idea. As a blogger who works full time something like this is a must have to help keep me organised. I found the website to be clear and easy to navigate through and if you change your mind you can just go back and change things.

The personal planners come in various different sizes, all prized differently. I opted for the A5 size and this cost just £19.95 plus £2.95 postage. There are cheaper options though but I honestly feel like the A5 size is the best option to go for. Delivery time wise... I can't remember! I know it didn't take too long and was with me in less time that what was originally said. I know my design won't be everyones cup of tea but for me it's totally me! I honestly can't wait to start filling this out!!!

You can purchase a Personal Planner from HERE with prizes starting from £14.95

What do you use to plan around your blog posts, work and personal life?

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