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So today beauty has been on hold and I have a totally different post for you guys. There have been some major controversy over on Youtube over the past two weeks, with sexual assault allegations and also rape allegations between some YouTubers and their fans. This is serious stuff yet some of the young fans of the accused YouTubers reactions have left me feeling very disturbed so I just wanted to share my thoughts on the whole culture of YouTube.

As most people will know some YouTubers are some of the most famous people that the majority of  have never heard of, unless you're a teenager or someone who watches YouTube a lot. Some of these YouTubers have in the region of 1 million to 6 million+ subscribers which is massive, but should come with a lot of responsibility as their young fans pretty much hang on every word they say and look up to them in ways that most people look up to a Hollywood movie star.

Recently one YouTuber (who I don't watch) posted a video of him 'pranking' women by grabbing their bums with his hidden third arm. This caused a huge up roar and this person has since been accused of taking advantage of his viewers by requesting naked pictures from them, meeting up with them and making unwanted sexual advances towards them, there has even been accusations of rape. A lot of these accusations are coming from under age girls.

Since then two other YouTubers have been accused of raping under age girls, one even posted a video admitting what he did and that she was under age, but it was a mistake that he has since learnt from... Since that video more girls have stepped forward and said the same has happened to them.

I don't want to name names as I'm not trying to jump on the bandwagon at all, but the thing that has really disturbed me is the amount of viewers who are defending the accused YouTubers. Accusing girls of making it up, saying that 'Well she didn't say no and consented to it so it's not rape' Others have said the girls have asked for it because they met up with the guys and a lot have said that 'At least ***** has admitted it, it's just a mistake and he's learnt from it and won't do it again, so therefore I support ***** and stand by him'

Right let's get one thing straight, if you have sex with anyone under the age of 16, regardless of consent or not it's statutory rape, it's illegal, you will go to prison and will be placed on the sex offenders list (if you're over 16) because you have had sex with someone who legally can not consent to sex, it's as simple as that. Also if you're intoxicated, regardless of age (which several girls were) it's rape, as you can not give consent whilst intoxicated. Again this is illegal and you will go to prison. What isn't clear about any of that? Because a lot of the young girls on YouTube just don't seem to get it at all.

Rape is not a mistake, raping a minor is not a mistake. It's wrong on every F***ing level!

It disturbs me that some of these youngsters idolise these YouTubers so much that they are either blinded by their illegal activity or they're just not educated enough to know that these sexual acts are illegal. The fact they are throwing around statements like I said above about the girls being to blame is even more disturbing as no woman should ever be blamed for being raped, ever. It's one of the reasons why so many women don't step forward, they feel ashamed, they blame their selves and therefore think that no one will believe them, so they keep it to themselves. Damn even if they do step forward their whole life, sexual activity, personality, dress sense ect gets scrutinised and are left feeling like people think they were just asking for it and the chances of conviction becomes even less likely. 

What these YouTubers have been doing is grooming their young under age viewers. They know that teenagers, are so impressionable, a lot lack any real social skills as they spend all their free time stuck at home on their computers all day. They lack a lot of confidence and constantly seek approval from their friends, especially on social media. They idolise these YouTubers, so the moment one of them is interested in them they're taken in almost immediately and are desperate to meet them, to feel liked/loved by them. They get manipulated in to doing things they wouldn't normally do and can find themselves in a situation that they're unable to get out of. You just have to look at the whole Jimmy Savile scandal, to see that this has been going on for decades now. It's sick, not only are these people abusing their 'fame' by taking advantage of people but they're also breaking the law.

I read a comment the other day by some young guy who said 'No doesn't mean no, it just means not yet'  That's scary. Is this the mentality of teenage boys?

Obviously there has been no convictions yet, it's just accusations at the moment, except the thick YouTuber who posted his confession. I'm guessing he is too thick to realise that he admitted to raping an under age girl. So we don't know how many of these are true just yet BUT it's the fact that these young girls think that this is simply just a mistake, that the victims are to blame and don't even realise that this is rape.

The world doesn't look too bright when these youngsters are growing up obsessing over YouTube 'stars' who will support them regardless. The views they share are partly through ignorance and partly due to their obsessions, which aren't healthy. Their parents need to educate them that rape is never a mistake and a victim is never to blame. God forbid any of those girls find themselves in a similar situation.

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