GLAMGLOW Face Masks | Try Before You Buy

GLAMGLOW Face Masks | Try Before You Buy

I love me a face mask, nothing feels better than relaxing in a Lush bath, having the iPad on watching your favourite TV show on Netflix and laying back with a face mask on and just unwinding. I recently purchased the GLAMGLOW DISCOVERY Try Before You Buy Set  so bath times have been even more enjoyable.

If you watch YouTube a lot then the brand GLAMGLOW will be familiar to you. I don't think I've seen a single negative about GLAMGLOW masks but with the hefty price tag (around £50) each, splurging on one of the many face masks is something I wasn't sure I wanted to do, regardless of the positive reviews. Also they sell a few different ones, so I wasn't sure what mask would be the best one for me. Then I found out they sell the GLAMGLOW DISCOVERY Try Before You Buy Set, which comes complete with all of their masks to allow you to try them all before you decide what mask you want to go on to buy the full size of, (excludes the new GLAMGLOW POWERMUD DualCleanse Treatment which wasn't released when I bought the set)

In the set you get two sachets of each of the masks, so you get eight in total. I didn't think I'd be able to form a true opinion of each mask within that time, but I was wrong, and if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen me literally burst with excitement after using one of the masks for the first time. But still, two uses of each isn't enough for me to give too much information on the long term benefits and differences you will notice after using a mask for a significant amount of time, so really I'll just be discussing my first impressions of each of the masks, and if I think this set is worth the money!

GLAMGLOW Face Masks | Try Before You Buy

GLAMGLOW Face Masks | Try Before You Buy

You'll probably know that although I still have oily skin I do suffer with dehydrated skin, which is a big concern for me, so this was the mask that I knew I needed to try first. This claims to provide instant hydration as well as provide long term hydration. It's also meant to moisturise, restore, replenish and calm the skin too. I left this on for I think around 30 minutes and then washed it off and immediately I noticed my skin felt much more hydrated. My next sachet I used half of it and instead I used it as a night time cream and damn, that really worked on my skin. It felt alive, plump and so smooth, even after a few days it still felt hydrated. So after using this three times (once for 30 minutes and twice as an over night cream) I can honestly say that my skin loved this!
Now this is similar to the self heating face mask, in the sense that it feels like it's heating up on your skin and releases a tingle effect. Having used self heating masks before I thought I knew what I was letting myself in for. Yeah this is nothing like a self heating face mask that stops heating up/tingle after a minute or two because this made not only my skin feel like it was on fire but my whole entire body felt like a volcano was about to erupt. Now I did use this whilst in the bath, that could have been the problem but my baths are never that hot anyway. I've never experienced a feeling like this before in my life! Now I should have removed it straight away but the blogger in me kept it on for 15 minutes. I jumped out of the bath and stuck my head of the window to cool down to realise there was no poxy wind outside. I got back in the bath and began fanning myself to cool down. I started to run the cold tap and grabbed a jug and was pouring cold water on my body in the hope I would cool down. Literally nothing helped until after 10 minutes it finally stopped! I expected to have no skin left after but that wasn't the result, instead my skin felt cleaner, smoother and much more radiant, it honestly looked lovely! But is lovely skin worth enduring a feeling like your whole insides is on fire? Well apparently so as I tried the second sachet two weeks later, but this time I was ready. Windows open, nice draft making it's way through. I was in a semi cool bath and had a fan ready to go to cool me down immediately! That helped a lot and did calm down the tingly sensation a lot but I just couldn't put myself through that every time. So yes the results were amazing, I'm just not a fan of feeling like I'm about to explode in order to get the results!

This is the mask I've heard the best things about and I'll be honest, it's bloody amazing! This is the one I raved about on Twitter after one use! This is the mask that pretty much does everything, helps with brightening and evening your skin complexion. creates a youthful and smooth skin tone, improves elastin and collagen, de-clogs and minimises pore size and fights breakouts, by speeding the healing process. My skin felt amazing after the first use, it felt tighter, smoother, more hydrated and it looked much more radiant and healthier too. I'd had a spot on my chin and this really helped to minimise that too! Honestly I don't think I could praise this enough, the fact I noticed such a significant change after just one use says a lot! I was also worried this would dry my skin out too much but it really didn't, however I did apply a nice hydrating moisturiser afterwards just in case. I'd say that the ThirstyMud would be a great mask to use after using this just to really lock in that moisture and hydration!

I've never used a mask as an eye treatment, I wasn't even aware that any existed. This is the one product from GLAMGLOW that I have never read or seen anyone's thoughts on. I have concerns with my under eye area. It's dehydrated and also needs some brightening up and maybe a little firming too?! So yeah I was intrigued to see how this performed. This is a 3 minute treatment and is meant to help with dark circles, fine lines, dehydration, brightening, plumping and puffiness. It has a strange consistency, gel like almost but it's also full of leaf like ingredients (sorry don't know how else to describe it) You pat this on to your eye area, leave it for three minutes and then just wipe it off, using a clean side of a tissue each time. Well yes I noticed a difference, my fine lines appeared much smoother, my whole eye area looked a bit more tighter and more plump and it definitely looked brighter. This result lasted for around three days too, which I was impressed with. I guess the more you used it the longer the results will last for? I really loved this and it's a great mask to use when your eyes need that extra pick me up!

So that's my first impressions on each of the GLAMGLOW masks. I wanted to not actually be blown away by them as they cost a little more than what I normally spend on a face mask, but now that I've tried them out I can honestly see why. The results are amazing and was better than what I had expected! Out of the them all the mask I need in my life is the SuperMud Clearing treatment as this is the one that blew me away the most, having said that I loved the ThirstyMud mask a lot too, so yeah I feel like I need that in my life too, as I think these two masks will have the biggest long term effects on my skin!

I really recommend picking up the Try Before You Buy set, as it allows you to try all the masks out to find the right one for you! It also costs £17, which I don't think is too bad considering how many uses you get out of all of these. You can purchase the Try Before You Buy Set just HERE

*EDIT I have just ordered this fantastic new value set, GLAMGLOW GIFT SEXY which consists of a 15g tub of SuperMud, 15g tub of YouthMud and a full size 50g tub of ThirstyMud for just £49.99 which means you're just paying for the ThirstyMud! This set is amazing value and is a must for anyone who wants to try out GLAMGLOW mud masks or for those who already use it and just want to pick up a bargain!
Have you tried any of the GLAMGLOW masks before, if so what is your favourite one? If not then what is your got to mask?
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