October Favourites!

Well I type this at the beginning of November on a seriously rainy day, yes we are well approaching Winter! It's this time of the month that I always realise how quickly time is flying by. Yeah I know everyone says that and it gets boring but I mean come on, it's nearly Christmas! Anyway let's get into monthly favourites yeah?

  • ghd Classic Curl Tong. Now my regular readers will know I work for ghd and I honestly try not to mention their products too much but you know when something is so god damn amazing you just have to share it, well that's how I feel about the Classic Curl Tong! Now I wrote a post about the launch of the new ghd Curve range at the beginning of September just HERE and I promised to write separate posts on them all, but it turns out it's not easy to take photos demonstrating it without a tripod, so this is why I haven't, but never fear I have a tripod now so I will get round to doing those! Anyway, the Classic Curl Tong has literally been my go to hair tool throughout the whole of October. This is my favourite out of the four curling tools that are in the Curve range, as to me this is the most versatile one. Whether you want full on classic curls or a gorgeous Hollywood wave, this is the one tool that will help you create any look you want! It's so easy to use and when I say my curls/waves last for days, I'm not exaggerating. Mine last for four+ days. I always get compliments on my hair and asked how I have created my look, well this is the answer! It's bloody amazing and I honestly love the looks this creates. The styles I create with this, along with the longevity of the curls has helped me sell a ton of these! Pop this on your Christmas list girls, you wont regret it! Oh just a little side note, this have sold out almost everywhere due to how popular they have been but more will be due in soon!
  • Origins Plantscription Anti-aging Serum. This was actually a sample from my September Glossybox. I have been naughty and not repurchased this yet, however I have taken two more of this sample size from work and been using this daily. It's amazing! My skin has been feeling much firmer and smoother as a result, my makeup applies so smoothly over the top of this and my skin is looking so much healthier. The texture of this reminds me of the No7 protect and Perfect Serum, which I used for 7+ years, but the results are far better. I will purchase this, just waiting for it to go on offer!
  • Maybelline Colour Drame Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in 'Light it Up' Now I reviewed this whole range just HERE and I've enjoyed using all of the shades, but Light it Up has been my new go to red lipstick for when I'm trying to make a bold statement with my lips. The colour is beautiful (swatch on the link above) this lasts on my lips for hours and it's non drying too. The formula is so impressive, especially for the price (£4.99) And with the Christmas party season fast approaching I can see me running out of this by the end of the year! If you're on the look out for a really glamorous red lip colour then this will be your new best friend!
  • Makeup Revolution One Blush Sticks in 'Pink' I actually reviewed this whole range on Monday just HERE  but this shade couldn't go unmentioned in my favourites. I have never been a huge cream blusher fan, until I started using this. The One Blush Sticks are so easy to use, their texture is lovely and creamy and they blend in easy too. This colour, 'Pink' is part of the shimmer range and it really leaves my skin with a beautiful and healthy pink glow. It's been my go to blush over the past three weeks!

So that's my beauty favourites! I just wanted to add a few other favourites here. You see this time of year is when all my favourite TV shows start up again. I watch a lot of American TV shows (I watch them online, can't be dealing with adverts on UK channels!)  and October is when the new seasons start up again! Now I watch a lot, so I won't list them all but I have to list my most favourite ones that haven't disappointed me!

  • Walking Dead - Now I bloody LOVE this TV shows! I read most of the comics and I love how different the events play out on TV. So far this hasn't disappointed me at all!
  • Once Upon A Time - Yeah I love me a fantasy TV show! This year they have jumped on the Frozen bandwagon, and although I'm bored with all things Frozen now, they are doing such a great job! Oh and I love Hook too! 
  • The Vampire Diaries - Did you know I love Vampires? Yes I do, it all started with Angel from Buffy and now it's all about Damon. God I love him so much (Ian in real life is an amazing human being too, not that I've met him of course) I don't think I'll ever get bored of this show!
  • American Horror Story - LOVE this show, It's so dark and every season is totally messed up. I have sat there quite a few times thinking WTF! I love how it's a different setting and characters (played by the same cast)  every year and this years circus story has been surprisingly good!
  • Pretty Little Liars - Ok well I'm not on the current season. In fact I only started watching this during October on my Netflix, however I'm now half way through season 4, so I'll be up to date in a week or so! Love this show, love the mystery around it, however the twists have annoyed me slightly and the current twist has pissed me off!
  • Diversion film and book trilogy - Ok not a TV show, but this series has dominated most of October for me. I watched the film for the first time a month ago, then watched it three more times in one week. Downloaded the book, read that in two days, downloaded the second book and read that in just under a week and then finally onto the final book. I dragged that out, I heard the ending was disappointing and I'm not going to lie it was, in fact I was so bloody annoyed! Regardless, this was a great trilogy of books, the film was great and I'm looking forward to the second film next year. Oh did I mention how much I fell in love with the character Four? yes and Theo James who plays him in the film. I swear it was love at first sight!

Anyway that's it. Another month gone, almost the whole year is gone too and the Christmas season is now in full swing! Hope you enjoyed my favourites, do link me to your favourites too.

Until Next Time
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