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So another month has nearly been and gone so it's time to introduce to you those who have advertised with myself during December.

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Peacock Beauty is a blog dedicated to colourful makeup and beauty discoveries for the everyday girl. As a former gamer-girl and first time make-up wearer at the age of 28, I am eager to try EVERYTHING. You will find a wide variety of products and viewpoints from my makeup and beauty journey. I review products from a fresh angle, post pictures of my make-up experiments, chat about it on YouTube and much more (the back of my hand is permanently swatched). My love of beauty has now taken me to Cosmetology/Beauty School; check back every weekend to find out what I've been up to in school!

Becky started at Cosmetology School back in June and she has posted numerous interesting posts about her time all of which you can find just HERE

You can check out Becky on the links below

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Hey, I'm Sian Marie and I blog over at Sian Marie Beauty Since 2014 I have loved writing about anything and everything to do with make up, skin care and haircare. I mainly talk about drugstore brands, but I do throw in the odd high end; who can resist a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick?! I hope you enjoy my blog and don't be a stranger <3

One of my favourite posts that I've written lately is Makeup Revolution #liphug

You can check out Sian via the links below

'Living in the city, working in the sky'   Hi! My name is Mimi and I'm a London living, beauty loving, flight attendant! My blog 'Mimi Flys' follows my love of make up, wanderlust and travel.  Featuring worldwide hauls, wish lists, giveaways and beauty reviews - along with fab lifestyle and travel guides from every corner of the globe.  Be sure to follow soon, because from January il be posting a new and exciting giveaway every single month! Im lucky enough to be in the USA often, so I'm looking forward to giveaways featuring hard to find american products! I post twice/three times weekly, so there will always be something new to feast your eyes on!  Feel free to say hi, and let me know you found me on Julie's blog :) Hopefully see you on the other side,   Mimi x

My current favourite post is My current Top 3 Mascara's

You can check out Mimi on the links below

Hi, my name is Michelle and I started my blog What Shell Says in January. It's been a very new and exciting journey for me - getting invited to events, meeting lots of lovely new people and even being asked to write an article for an online magazine. I blog about beauty, fashion and lifestyle and it would be great if you pop over and say hi as I love getting to know new bloggers and receiving feedback on my posts!

My favourite post (and my most popular to date) is - Do You Really Know What You're Putting On Your Skin?

You can check out Michelle on the links below

***The lovely Jordan from Jordan Alice has also been an advertsier this month, however due to personal circumstances she has closed her blog temporaily, however she will be back to blogging in January. Please go follow her on Bloglovin just HERE and on Twitter just HERE to support her come back. ***

Due to being slightly awol from my blog and social media throughout December due to work overload I haven't advertsied any advertising throughout January, I have a HUGE blog anniversay giveaway going live at the beginning of January, so if you'd like to advertise throughout January then just follow this link just HERE

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