Bite Sized Beauty | Deluxe Samples

Bite Sized Beauty is a feature focusing purely on the deluxe samples that I have received from beauty boxes or from work.

As I had a drawer over flowing of samples I decided to start this feature so that I could pull out the best of the bunch and give you a mini review and let you know whether these are worth purchasing the full sized product. Check out the first Bite Sized Beauty post just HERE

Bite Sized Beauty | Deluxe Samples

  • Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream - I actually mentioned this in my Top Picks | Eye Creams post, which it made it's way into after me just using this sample size, yes it's really that good! I'd heard amazing things about this eye cream but I hadn't tried it until I received the sample in a Birchbox several months ago. This eye cream has really helped hydrate around my eyes, which had been a big concern for some time, it also makes my eyes appear brighter and more awake. I have gone on to purchase the full sized product too. This is one of the best samples I've ever received. Full Size £25.50
  • Eve Lom Cleanser - I received this within my first Look Fantastic Beauty Box, I've heard amazing things about this hot cloth cleanser so was excited to try this out. Considering I wear a lot of makeup this really does a fantastic job at removing every single trace of my makeup, my skin is left feeling extremely soft afterwards and I find my moisturiser applies a lot smoother after using this. What has prevented me from buying this is the scent, which is slightly over powering and the hefty price of £85 for the full sized cleaner! Full Size £85
  • Aromatherapy Associates Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil - I only started to use Aromatherapy Associate products this year and the bath and shower oils are extremely luxurious. The Relax Light Bath and Shower Oil is a lavender scented oil that really does help you calm down and relax, ideal after a long stressful day at work. Using just a tiny amount lead to my bathroom smelling like a spa, which helps with the relaxation. I did really like this, however I actually have several Aromatherapy Associates bath oils so repurchasing this will have to wait until I'm all out of my other ones. Full Size £40  
  • Balance Me Super Toning Body Wash - I'm a big fan of the Balance Me products that I've already tried so whenever there is something from them in a beauty box it excites me. The Super Toning Body Wash is meant to improve skin tone, smooth skin and encourage good circulation. Now I'll be honest I'm not sure it did much toning but my skin was left feeling silky smooth after using this, which is basically what I want from a body wash anyway. The scent includes Bergamot which is one of my favourites. I plan to purchase this when I run out of shower gels/body washes. Full size from £9  
  • Lashem Measurable Difference Eyelash and Brow Enhancing Serum - As someone with very sparse brows trying out a product that is meant to help them grow is something I'm all over. Now this sample is tiny, however you need such a small amount. I can't say my brows have grown drasically but I have noticed a difference. This is also meant to help your lashes grow, my lashes aren't short, however this is really great at conditioning them. I managed to get another sample of this so I could use it for longer, but I'm not sure if I'd purchase this due to the price, still it's a really nice serum. Full size £45
  • Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil - Skincare specialists have been telling people who suffer with oily skin to combat oiliness by using an actual oil, as it will trick the skin into not producing so much oil. Now I didn't buy into that but when this arrived in a Look Fantastic Beauty Box I was curious to see if it did in fact work, needless to say I didn't try it until a week ago and after one use my skin felt amazing the next day. My skin suffers with dehydration which is made worse during the winter months, yet it still produces oil. I've noticed my skins hydration has improved already within a week, yet my skin isn't oilier.. I will continue to use this until it's used it's finished (it's a fair sized bottle so should last a while) before deciding whether to purchase the full size, but if I'm loving this already after one week then this could be my new must have night time serum... watch this space! Full size - £47  

Although the majority of samples I receive aren't that great, occasionally there are a few that I really do love, which is why I love buying beauty boxes as it allows me to try out new products, and if one of those new products turns out to be amazing then it's worth it for me!

What have been your favourite sample that you've tried lately? Did you go on to purchase the full size?

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