January Birchbox | Womens Health Magazine

January Birchbox | Womens Health Magazine

Whenever a new year starts we tend to be motivated to kick start the year by going on a health kick and set ourselves some new goals for the months ahead, so to me it made total sense that Birchbox would team up with ladies magazine, Womens Health Magazine for the January box.

The January Birchbox theme is all about starting the new year with a refresh, whether it's your skin, hair or body that is need of some extra TLC, the box is full of treats that will help you start the new year off to a great start.

January Birchbox | Womens Health Magazine
January Birchbox | Womens Health Magazine
January Birchbox | Womens Health Magazine
  • Stila Lip Glaze - I'm a huge fan of Stila but have yet to try any of their lip products, so I was pleased to see this lip glaze within my box. The shade I got was 'Gleam' which is a sheer pink glittery gloss. I'll be honest, I'm not in to glosses with glitter so I'll doubt I'll get must use from this. The texture is very nice though, it's not too glossy. This is also a full size product worth £15, which basically pays for your box!
  • Philip Kingsley Body Building Conditioner - I'm a huge fan of Philip Kingsley so I always welcome any samples from the brand. Designed to give your hair back some life and help lack luster hair appear thicker, stronger and fuller. This is full of Keratin so I can't wait to try this.
  • REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask - Again another brand that I love and a product I've yet to try. The Glycolactic mask is designed give your skin that boost that it needs. Full of natural fruit extracts to help brighten a dull complexion, as well as helping to fight those pesky fine lines and wrinkles. Can't wait to try this!
  • HealGel Intensive - I'll be honest this brand is new to me. Having a read up of the description it makes me wonder how I haven't heard of this before, it's something that my skin needs! Created by Britain's leading Plastic and cosmetics surgeons, this is an organic silicone and collagen boosting face gel. Apparently this is a cult product, so I'm hoping this lives up to it's claims.
  • Activbod Cooling Finish Lotion - Another new brand for me. This is a cooling lotion designed to be used after a work out... something I haven't done in some time, but something I'm planning on starting up again in February. I remember that burning feeling post work out and a product like this could have come in handy I'll be holding this back for when I go back to the gym.
  • Embrace Matcha Green Tea - There is no better way to start the new year off than with a detox, which I know a lot of people will include green tea in to that, but sadly I don't and never will. I don't drink tea, in fact I don't drink any kind of tea, it's just something I don't like myself. I'm sure people who like green tea would love this, but for me this will go to someone else.
  • Birchbox Pilates Band -  I've never done pilates, I'll be honest I'm not sure how a band can help with someones work out, but apparently it does? Anyone tell me how? You're meant to wear this during a work out and it's meant to help with faster results... Maybe I'll throw this one when I go back to the gym, especially as it's pink!!!

You'll notice in the final picture a lot of cards. Well included within the box is 12 bite sized challenges to help you start the new year motivated with some goals. I think this a great little extra. On the back of each card there are tips on how to to achieve each challenge. I'll be attempting to incorporate a few of these in to my lifestyle and see how I get on! As part of the partnership with Women's Health Magazine, there is an exclusive offer for Birchbox Subscribers, where you can get 10 issues of the magazine for just £18, which is a massive 52% saving!

So that's the January Box. I actually liked this box, excluding the green tea. I know a lot of people are never keen on these kind of boxes but sometimes things need to be brought back to basics and I think this edition does a fantastic job at doing that.

A monthly subscription of Birchbox will cost you £10 a month plus P&P. To subscribe just go HERE

Do you get Birchbox? What did you think of this months edition?

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