Monetising your blog and working with PRs

Monetising your blog and working with PRs

Bloggers earn money from their blog?! SAY WHAT! No she didn't! Oh she did! That taboo topic that no one seems to ever wants to talk about, well unless it's about a big blogger, then everyone wants to know exactly how much they earn, but when it comes down to smaller bloggers it seems like it's a no go topic, something I really don't understand myself! Well I don't conform, so today I'm going to share my views on earning money or gaining PR samples from your blog.

If you frequent the weekly chats on Twitter, this subject along with PR samples is normally quite a heated discussion. You have one team who are pro pr samples and pro earning money from your blog, those will openly admit they have emailed companies and PRs about working with them, whether it's just a product review or sponsored content. The next team are anti anything to do with freebies or earning money. They believe that no blogger should contact a company, they should wait for the companies to contact them, they do it as just a hobby and feel that if they review a product that was sent to them or shock horror, were paid to write about it, that it takes away their credibility as a blogger. Then there is a team who just don't say anything at all.

What team do I stand in? Well I'm team I work bloody hard on my blog and it's nice to get something back from all my god damn hard work, all the hours I sit in front of my laptop typing away, all the sleepless nights I have because my brain won't shut off as it goes into over drive thinking up new things I can write about, all the money I've spent on products I honestly don't need but my blog needs them...hobby or no hobby, I work hard on my blog, alongside a full time job and social life, so why shouldn't I want to get something back? That doesn't take away my credibility at all, in fact it's business savvy (that I didn't know I had) that I can actually turn a passion of mine (beauty and shopping) that begun as a hobby into something that I can actually earn some money from. Why shouldn't I earn a little cash or get the chance to try out some new amazing products? After all it costs you as a reader nothing, of course unless my review blows you away and you simply need that product in your life! It also gives me the opportunity to try products I may not have tried before, therefore bringing new content to my blog.

Any blogger who says they didn't get a huge buzz when they received their first email from a company or PR, telling them they found their blog and think they'd be a great fit to review one of their products is quite simply a liar. It was an amazing feeling for me, it was an amazing feeling from all of the other bloggers I know, so please jump off of your high horse and just admit it's a great feeling. I know for me, it meant that my little blog, a beauty blog amongst thousands upon thousands of similar blogs actually stood out to that company. That made me feel great and a year later still makes me feel amazing. It means that my ramblings have actually reached the target audience that I once was, actually still am, a beauty obsessive dying to know other beauty obsessives thoughts on the product I maybe wanted to buy. It also means that the company or PR actually think my blog will do their brand and products justice, yep, another great feeling! 

My first PR sample was actually from me contacting them. I had nothing to lose and really wanted to work alongside them and I was thrilled when they said yes. I've since still contacted brands and PRs, but now most of them come to me, but if there was a company I was keen to work with I'd still contact them, why? Because there are soooo many blogs out there and they can't keep up with every blog that is in the blogsphere, so unless you go to them, you might get over looked. 

I've been lucky to have the opportunity to try out some amazing products, also some have been duds... I would never write a positive review about a product unless I honestly believed in it. If a product I'm sent isn't any good then chances are I won't write about it, however I have posted some negative reviews, mainly they are products I myself have purchased. I receive PR samples on a daily basis, sometimes they just appear through my letter box. I don't review everything I'm sent, unless there has been emails exchanged beforehand, also I always use the products a substantial amount of times before it appears here as I like to give a full, detailed and honest review, something I'm unable to do if I've only used it a few times. 

I'm also now in the position where I'm able to earn money from my blog, all of which goes straight back into my blog. It's not money I'm able to live on or quit my job over, it's just pocket money, money that helps me buy new products or buy gadgets that will help me improve my blog. I'm going to be buying some soft boxes shortly, I want to invest in a macro lens for my camera and then in the future I'll hopefully buy a ring light. All of that will help me improve my blog further, and hopefully help me produce higher quality images, which is something I so desperately want to do. Also I'm doing something that I honestly love, something my friends and family are proud of me for doing, so it's great to earn a little money from a passion of mine.

There is nothing wrong in earning money or receiving products for your blog and those who openly admit it shouldn't feel ashamed that they do, I myself applaud you and say well bloody done!

In the coming weeks I'm going to post about ways you can start to monetise your blog, also how to contact a brand or PR agency and sell your blog when just starting out. I'm by no means an expert at all, but if there is anything else you'd like me to cover then please don't hesitate to ask, leave a comment or send me a tweet.

 What are your views on earning from your blog?

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