My 2015 Goals

So I'm not really going to make any New Years Resolutions, I mean I never stick to them at all BUT what I'd like to do is set myself some personal and blog goals.   

Personal Goals
  • Dating - I've been single for a few months now and have spent the time failing trying to find me again so I've had no interest in men what so ever. I do want to jump back in the saddle this year so I'm going to be making an effort to start dating again. I'm not trying to find the one, but I think it will do me good to go out on some dates.
  • Try New Things - I'm a creature of habit, I hate change and rarely try new things, this year I'd like to try some new things, even if it's just with food, as I'm such a fussy eater, I think it's time I tried out some new food - this could help with potential dates as I'm always limited to what restaurants I will go to.
  • Get in shape - Everyone says this every year, I don't mean it in the same way. I lost a lot of weight, got in shape but I fell off track slightly, which has effected my body confidence, so I'd really like to get somewhat back on track and get this fat ass back to the gym at least twice a week.
  • Start Saving - I'm the worlds worst at saving, I just can't do it! As soon as I have money in the bank I need to spend it on anything I can find! I really need to curb that and start saving as I currently have spent all my savings on a new laptop, which was needed as mine broke and I can't run a blog without one! I could easily save at least £700 a month, but my goal is to save a minimum of £400 a month

Blogging Goals
  • Be Organised - I do well when I'm organised, I got myself where I wanted to be during the summer and beginning of Autumn and it really made a difference to my stats. It all fell apart late Autumn and during December as my stats were effected. I need to get back to organising my posts two weeks in advance. That means using my Personal Planner, writing blog post ideas, taking photos, editing photos and writing up blog posts in bulk. That worked for me before and will work for me again.
  • Scheduling - This kind of ties in with the above. If I'm organised I can then schedule my posts two weeks in advance. I also need to remember to schedule tweets in advance as this makes such a difference to my stats, it's something I always forget though so I really need to make a concious effort to schedule tweets when my blog posts are written.
  • Events - Last year I missed out on so many events due to work, this year I'm not going to let that happen. I want to attend more events and now I have a new member of staff at work this should be easier to do as I can swap shifts if need be.
  • Meet More Bloggers - I have already met several bloggers but I want to meet more as the people I've met so far have been lovely. I'd also like to make a point of meeting or going to visit bloggers I've already met, even if it means a weekend away for me, I mean what a chore!
  • Post More Makeup Looks - I loved posting makeup looks but I haven't done any in so long, I really want to post them more often. This means that I need to get up 15 minutes earlier on work days so that I have time to take photos, as this is what I did before.
  • Improve photography - So I bought a DSLR camera in the summer, but have I learnt how to use all the features yet? Erm no! I need to learn how to get the best out of the camera, I also need to invest in some lighting as this makes a huge difference. I'm going to purchase some soft box lighting from Amazon next month and also a ring light to put around my camera lens with the money I'm earning from my blog this month. The correct lighting will also help improve my makeup looks that I'm planning on doing more of!
  • Comment More - Well I used to be good at this but over the past few months I've sucked! Now I do read lot's of blogs but if I read them on my phone I won't comment as it's always hassle, so I need to set myself time to revisit those blog posts and leave a comment. I also need to get back to replying to comments left on here too as I hate people to think I haven't read their comment when I have, I just haven't had time to reply!
  • Write other content aside from beauty - Now don't get me wrong, JustJulie will always be a beauty blog but I'd like to post other content too, whether it's blogging tips, lifestyle posts, personal posts and who knows maybe posts about any future dating disasters that know doubt will happen!

So they are my goals, sounds a lot but really it's not. I will hopefully revisit this in 6 months to see how I've got on! 

 What are your personal/blogging goals for this year?

Until Next Time
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