The Best Gel Liner? | MAC Fluidline

The Best Gel Liner? | MAC Fluidline

You'll never see me without a winged liner, even on a natural makeup look. It's my 'thing' however up until last year I hadn't bought into gel liners, I was an avid liquid liner gal, but over the past year I've grown to love gel liners and recently decided to pick up MAC Fluidline in 'Blacktrack' from my local MAC counter in House of Fraser.

A problem I've had with gel liners is the formula. They're either too sheer and you need to reapply the liner a few times to achieve a jet black line, they can crumble as the day goes on or the pot dries out too quickly. It's a pain in the arse! I decided after reading many reviews on the MAC Fluidline that it was high time I give this a go, I mean MAC very rarely do anything wrong!
The Best Gel Liner? | MAC Fluidline
The Best Gel Liner? | MAC Fluidline

The Best Gel Liner? | MAC Fluidline
As you can see from the swatch on the back of my hand this is very black. I was impressed that this wasn't sheer and that I didn't need to reapply the gel to get the desired finish that I like.

One thing that stood out to me immediately was the consistency of this, it's soooo creamy and soft. I really do hate hard gel liners as they're so hard to work with, where as Blacktrack is extremely easy to use due to the creamy texture. It also means that it doesn't dry instantly and you have time to play about with the line to get it perfect before it dries, which is a great thing for anyone who finds it hard to achieve a straight line as you have time to correct any errors.

I have to say MAC Fluidline is the easiest gel liner I have ever used. A little bit goes a long way, there is no need to keep putting your brush into the pot and my winged eye liner is achieved almost immediately with zero fuss or effort needed! 

I knew this would be a great gel liner but I was amazed at just how good this actually was! If you're in the market for a new gel liner or tend to struggled with achieving that perfect winged liner look then I really recommend you give this a try. It costs £15.50, which I don't consider to be a huge amount of money considering the colour pay off and ease of use. Time will tell if this dries up in the pot after a little while, but I have high hopes that it won't! 

Also if you struggle with creating a winged eye liner then you can check out my 6 Easy Steps To Create The Perfect Winged Eyeliner... for a step by step pictorial.

Are you a gel liner or liquid liner girl? Can you recommend any other good gel liners for me to try?

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