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As someone who's hair doesn't seem to ever want to grow past my shoulders, hair extensions have become an everyday part of my life for years now. Recently I purchased some Bobby Glam Extensions from Dirty Looks and after wearing them for the past two months I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

I discovered Dirty Looks nearly a year ago now when they sent me some of their HK Full Head Hair Extensions to review, which you can read just HERE these fast became my favourite hair extensions to date, the quality and thickness were quite simply the best that I'd ever worn and still, nearly a year later they're in good condition, despite being worn every day and subjected to a lot of heat over the months. I decided that I wanted some new extensions though. My hair's condition has improved drastically and the thickness was back to where it was some 10 years ago.. and although the thickness of the HK extensions is good, I wanted more, which is what lead me to the Bobby Glam extensions.

Dirty Looks Bobby Glam Extensions Review

Dirty Looks Bobby Glam Extensions Review

With the Bobby Glam extensions there are three different sets to purchase. Double weft, Triple weft and the Quad weft, which I purchased. Basically the quad weft extensions are four wefts sewn together, triple weft, are three wefts sewn together and the double wefts are two wefts sewn together < just wanted to make that as clear as possible! Whereas the HK extensions come with 10 pieces, the Bobby Glam come with just 7 pieces, which means less clips but more hair, and believe me when I say there is a lot more hair!

I ordered the 20-22 inch, as I love long hair, especially when it's curled as you lose length. With this length you get a whopping 220g worth of hair, which is amazing. In comparison the HK extensions at the same length will give you 180g of hair, which is a good amount of weight, but I just crave more hair, more thickness and more va va voom, all with less clips!

The shade I purchased was Manhattan Blonde Highlighted Blonde, which is what I was colour matched to last time. If you're struggling to decide what colour to go for as colours always look different on screen then Dirty Looks offer a colour matching service where you need to send a photo of your hair in natural daylight and they will match you up to one of their many different colour options.

Dirty Looks Bobby Glam Extensions Review

What differs with purchasing extensions from Dirty Looks is that you get a weft of hair that you can hold up against your hair to make sure that the extensions are the correct shade. Which I think is awesome. Obviously you can't wear the hair but you can place it on to your head to ensure you're 100% sure of the colour, because once you open the other side (where the rest of the extensions are) you can't return it, unless faulty of course.

I have to say these are hands down the best extensions I have ever worn. The quality is amazing and the thickness is everything I craved for. They don't get tangles in them, despite the thickness and length and even after washing, the hair still feels amazing. I have received so many compliments on my hair since I purchased these. Everyone loved my HK extensions, but with these being thicker, they actually look more natural as my hair blends in so much better than before. Only having seven wefts also means that it takes me less time to put these in every day, which means a little longer in bed for me, which is always a plus right?! Curling wise these hold on to a curl extremely well, obviously it helps to use the right tools, but they're a dream to curl with. You can see a photo of my hair with some gorgeous waves in on my Instagram just HERE

Please note that for some reason my natural hair for some reason looks very yellow in the photo to the left, I'm not sure why, I can only presume it's the lighting and angle I'm sat in as it looks fine in the photo to the right!

Prices start at £114.99, depending on what hair length you opt for. Mine cost £129.99, which for the length and thickness is incredible, especially as I wear them every day and know that these are going to last me a long time! To look at the wide range of shades you can visit the Dirty Looks website just HERE

If you're looking for some great quality hair extensions that look and feel like your real hair, blend in naturally and ones that you don't need to be brushing every hour to get tangles out then I really recommend purchasing the Bobby Glam extensions as they honestly have wowed me beyond belief. If you'd like to know how to look after your hair extensions, clip ins, bonds, micro loops etc, then let me know and I can right a post up. Also I'd like to point out that although I was sent the HK extensions last year, I did in fact purchase the Bobby Glam extensions myself.

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