Nanshy Masterful Collection

Nanshy Masterful Collection

If I'm being honest I own too many brushes, but I do like to use good tools when I'm applying my makeup, and I'm too lazy to wash them every week, so I think you can't have too many brushes! Having only tried one Nanshy brush and being extremely impressed I got the Nanshy Masterful Collection in Pearlescent White Make-up Brush Set for my birthday back in October.

The Masterful Collection includes twelve brushes, five face brushes, six eye brushes and one handy retractable lip brush, so you basically have every brush that an average person would ever need. 

One of the things that stands out about Nanshy is that all of their brushes are 100% vegan and cruelty free. All the brushes are made from synthetic bristles only, but believe me when I say, these brushes are so soft, even after they have been washed multiple times. They really do feel like natural bristles, which is quite hard to achieve with synthetic brushes, only a few brands have managed to get that nailed.
Nanshy Masterful Collection

Nanshy Masterful Collection

  • Powder Brush: I'm a big lover of a big fluffy powder brush and this one feels amazing against my skin. If you're a lover of the Zoeva Powder brush review just HERE then you'll love this. 
  • Blush Brush: This is the perfect size blusher brush, big enough to apply blush to the apples of your cheek, but not too big that you end up looking like a doll. I actually prefer to use this with cream blush, but it still works well with powder.
  • Stippling Brush: I always finish my makeup off by using a stippling brush, to ensure everything is blended in. This one has actually replaced my MAC one!
  • Contouring Brush: I'll be honest, for me this is too big for me to contour with, but what I do is use this to blend in my contour, to ensure there's no harsh lines. However if you like a a natural contour then you'll probably find this will be fine for you.
  • Foundation Brush: Now I never use a brush to apply my foundation, especially as this would be way too small, however I actually use this to contour my cheeks and carve out under my cheekbone, the size is perfect, as is the denseness of the bristles, I then go in with the contouring brush to blend in.
Nanshy Masterful Collection
  • Shader Brush: I'm used to shading brushes that are a bit smaller than this one, I tend to use this for cream eyeshadows. As this is really packed out with very dense bristles, means that applying cream products is super quick and easy.
  • Blending Brush: With blending brushes I actually prefer them to be slightly bigger than this, so instead I use this to apply shadow to my crease. It's not too fluffy, which means you can get a decent amount of product on to your crease, but it's fluffy enough to actually help blend in whilst your laying down the colour.
  • Crease Brush: Another dense brush, this is the brush I use for applying the darkest shade to my outer crease area, it's the perfect size for this area and makes creating a smokey eye extremely easy. 
  • Pencil Brush: I do love a good firm pencil brush, and this one ticks all the boxes. Applying shadow under my lower lid and smudging the line out is extremely easy with this brush.
  • Angled Detailer Brush: This brush is the perfect size to create natural brows, it's also firm enough to use when applying gel liner.
  • Liner Brush: This liner brush is tiny, if you like to create a very thin line on your eyelid, then you'll love this. The brush is flexible enough to create a gorgeous wing, yet it's still firm enough so that beginners won't struggle too much.
  • Retractable Lip Brush: Now I'll be honest, I never use a lip brush, I always go in straight from the bullet, however this brush is great to use underneath your lower lash line to smudge in some eyeshadow or pencil liner.

Overall I think this brush set is amazing, ok I use some of the brushes for different things, but that's the beauty of these brushes, that they can be used in multiple ways. The handles feel quite weighty, which means you have control when using them and they feel very premium. Washing them takes no time at all, which is one of the reasons I actually love synthetic brushes, as they dry in half the time compared to natural haired brushes.

Nanshy Masterful Collection in Pearlescent White Make-up Brush Set costs £49.95 which means each brush works out at just over £4.10 each, which is a huge bargain! If you're on the look out for some great quality, inexpensive, cruelty free brushes then I really recommend you pick this set up.

Have you tried Nanshy brushes before? What is your favourite brushes?

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