Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment

Simon & Tom Moroccan TreatmentAs someone who has previously damaged her hair, I'm always on the look out to try new hair products, so when I was asked if I wanted to try Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment* back in December I jumped at the chance.

As a big fan of hair oils, argan oil especially I would like to think that I'm quite experienced with what works for my hair and what doesn't. Not all hair oils are good for your hair, often they contain a lot of silicones, which make your hair feel nice at first but after a month or so your hair can start to look dull, lose it's colour and they no longer do what they originally did, that's because silicones just paint a film over your hair, they don't actually treat your hair.

Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment
Simon & Tom Moroccan Treatment claims to get rid of unwanted frizz, add shine to lacklustre hair, leave your hair smooth with a silky shine, help restore damaged hair and add elasticity to your hair, all whilst being non greasy. 

Firstly this is a glass bottle, which immediately gives it a premium feel and look. The pump comes separate, which means that there is no lid to put over the pump to store away. Now for me I personally like a lid to go over the top of a bottle, don't ask me why I just do, so I would have rather the pump was already inside the bottle. A small bug bear, but hey I'm just being honest!

To apply you simply use a small amount after you have washed your hair and massage it in.

Now I'm going to be honest, I wasn't sold on this. Now it did leave my hair feeling nice, however the first few ingredients listed are in fact silicones. All the natural oils are nearer the bottom of the ingredients list, which for anyone who doesn't realise, this means that there is less oils within this and more silicones. Now don't get me wrong, I use products that have silicones, not all are bad for your hair, but they tend to be used in a less concentrated way than this. 

I've used this eight times and I'll be honest my hair just felt like it had a slick film over it. I saw no difference within the condition of my hair. Some may say I should have used this for longer, but I'm not going to continue to use a product that is stripping my colour, yes I noticed my bleach blonde started to look dull after the fourth use, also this isn't actually repairing my hair in anyway, it's just making it feel like it did. 

Some people may like this but for me it's a no go, especially as it costs over £29! I have used hair oils that cost less, that don't contain so many silicones and that actually do something good for my hair, unfortunately this one just didn't do the job it claims to do!

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