A New Julie

After a pretty tough last six months of the last year I decided when entering into the new year that I would not let the past get to me and actually ensure that I had a great 2015. Well as normal there is always a delay but I'm finally there!

I understand that recently I have let JustJulie slide lately, I've been thrown a few curve balls that have made me need to take a step back, but I'm actually turning those bad things into positives as it's made me re-evaluate my life, which is never a bad thing!!
If I'm being honest I have kind of been searching for 'me' the me that was care free and quite frankly didn't give a toss, she got lost there for a few years and although I have grown up a lot, I do miss part of who I was before

One thing has become apparent, is that I'm really unhappy with how I look. I was always a biggish girl, never huge, but never skinny. Being 5 ft 3 and having natural curves and large breasts has always made me appear bigger than I am. But I've never had a flat tummy, and my god do I crave one! After losing over around 3 and a half stone three years ago, slowly I've gained a stone and yes I can see and feel it. I think the weight gain has effected my confidence. Now when I look at my before photos to my now photos I do see a massive change, I'm proud of what I achieved before, but as I know I've gained some of that back on I don't want to go back! I've decided enough is enough and I'm now on a mission to lose that belly fat and get me my flat belly!

I started a new healthy eating lifestyle three weeks ago and I've lost 6lbs so far (I've not weighed in on week 3 yet) I'd like to lose just under a stone and a half, but to get back to where I was before I need to drop a stone, so I'm nearly half way there! All I'm doing is counting my calories, which is how I lost the weight before, but this time I'm lowering my carb and fat intake and since removing bread from my diet I have lost that bloating feeling! 

I've also just joined back at the gym, as with a healthier eating diet and working out I'm really hoping to change my shape a lot. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want to be stick thin, or have ripped abs, but I'm aware that my body fat percentage is something I need to drop and is what is getting in the way of me and my flat belly! I've taken all my measurements and photos too, and will be doing these on a two weekly basis in the hope that even if the scales don't tell me what I want them to, the photos and measurements will, who knows, when I reach a shape I'm happy with I may share the progress with you all! 

I've also just booked my first ever driving lessons! Yes I'm 33 and don't drive! That always seems to shock people and I always get asked why I never drove. Well I just didn't want to and never felt the need to but now I'm getting older I know I need to drive, not only will it give me a new lease of life, but it could potentially open up other avenues in regards to work! My first lesson is on Friday and I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling a bit nervous, but I'm so excited! I'm really going to go for it and would love to be driving by my birthday in October! 

As for the dating side of things, I've been on a few dates with a few people... that will be a post for another time!

So there's a little update from me. I refuse to allow things to get to me, and instead I'm using it to help me sort my life out!

What steps have you made in the past to help you feel more positive?

Until Next Time
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