50 shades of pink...

50 shades of pink...  How I went from Dirty Blonde to Pastel Pink
Having been a blonde for around 17 years I recently took the plunge and went for a big change... it didn't quite turn out how I'd envisioned it or expected it to at all.. yeah I ended up bright pink!!!  

Basically it all started with this one picture just HERE

I just fell in love with this picture and had serious hair envy, like I wanted to cry ha ha! From that one photo I found another photo I loved that was a beautiful pastel lilac colour, then it just went crazy, there I am on Pinterest looking at different pastel hair colours and before I knew it several hours had passed, god I didn't realise how addictive Pinterest was up until that day! That was it, it was decided I was going to go from a dirty blonde to a pastel violet.

In prep of this colour change I was warned that my hair would need to be bleached all over and that I may need to be bleached several times, basically my hair needed to be as light as possible for the colour to take, you need a blank canvas as such. Also I wear clip in hair extensions and because they go through so much process to get the the colour we order, bleaching them would've just killed the hair, so yeah a new set was ordered from my favourite hair extensions brand Dirty Looks (previous reviews are just HERE and HERE)  I needed the lightest hair colour so went for the 'Oh My Gwen Stefani' what a name, in the Bobby Glam Quad Weft in 20-22 inches. We also needed to pick up the colour and went for Directions hair colour in 'Lavender' as this had a pink undertone to it, which is what I wanted. But me being me, I panicked and was worried it would come out too purple, so I then ordered 'Carnation Pink' to help add a bit of pink to the mix... yeah it turned out that wasn't needed in the end! Always have faith in your hairdresser girls!

50 shades of pink...  How I went from Dirty Blonde to Pastel Pink
The day finally arrived and my extensions still hadn't arrived despite me doing next day delivery, but we still went ahead with the colour change and there was me on my phone tracking where my hair was, calling home to see if they had arrived. After the first bleach I rang home and my extensions had arrived so there was a quick dash home, with me looking like lady gaga (see photos above) and back to the next bleach. I will just say that my hairdresser, who is fab, (shameless Facebook plug here Lacie Lockets Hair) used just a 20 volume for both bleaches as she didn't want my hair to get damaged and preferred taking it slower to ensure my hair wasn't getting too much bleach.

We mixed in the equivalent of two Lavender, to one Carnation Pink and one white conditioner (white conditioner helps to make the colour pastel and lighten the mix). We then ran out of pink half way through colouring my extensions so another dash was made to the wholesalers, I stayed this time as let's be honest, I couldn't go out with a huge purple top knot bun on top of my head!

Six hours later and my hair was done. I Originally I loved the colour it came out, it wasn't until I got home and see my hair in different lights that I began to panic, the pink had taken over the lavender finish and my hair was fuchsia pink! My extensions didn't fully match my hair and was much brighter, I guess the colour didn't need to be left on them for so long. Everyone on Facebook is asking for photos and I'm like shiiiiiiit! I managed to get a photo that didn't look too bad, but the reality was that I was panicking, had I made the wrong decision? My hair is everything to me and going back to blonde is going to be a hard task! I knew I should have listened to Lacie and not got the pink as it really overpowered the mix, a lesson learnt that's for sure!

50 shades of pink...  How I went from Dirty Blonde to Pastel Pink

Anyway I washed my extensions about 4 times  the next day and washed my own hair twice. Everyone told me the colour would fade so quickly but it wasn't for me, yeah it faded but not like how people made out it would! Two days later I washed my hair again (two washes extensions, one my own hair) still not the colour I want, but it was getting there! Then I went and got some Head and Shoulders, as everyone said this would strip my hair! Gave my extensions a further 8 washes over two days and my own hair 4 washes and finally we were getting somewhere!

Now my hair is a gorgeous pastel pink that I absolutely love! The shade really suits me and although I'm clearly pink, I don't feel like it's anything too crazy! Yes I've been turning several heads and my first day back in work created quite a buzz with staff and customers coming up to me telling me how much they love my hair! I see people stop and take a double look and I quite like that, plus it makes me laugh! I know pink hair isn't for everyone and I expected the majority of people to not like it but I've been totally taken back by everyone's lovely compliments and I have no regrets now.

For me to make this colour change, it was a big deal, I've never done anything on the spur of the moment. I guess recently I've been going through a lot and maybe I made this change because of everything that has happened? But it's kind of given me a boost, however my hair is my job too, I risked not being allowed in store with this, and what if I never got it to a colour I liked? But at the end of the day it's just colour right? I've proved you can just wash and wash your hair until you're happy, it also makes for a funny story. Things are never straight forward with me that's for sure! The tricky thing now is making sure I keep it this colour for a while, I may pick up the the pastel pink colour from directions and use that with conditioner as a toner after every wash to keep it fresh? I'm not sure, if anyone has any ideas then please do let me know! Also I'm on the hunt for new lipstick colours, I'm not sure what will be a good dramatic lip colour for a night out, so any ideas just throw them at me and I'll be doing some lipstick hauling from your suggestions!

50 shades of pink...  How I went from Dirty Blonde to Pastel Pink

I'll no doubt go back to being blonde eventually but right now I think I can have some fun with my hair, whilst I still can! I'll definitely be going to the lavender with a pink undertone sometime soon but for right now I'm enjoying being pretty in pink!

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