All About Eyes Series | Highend Palettes

All About Eyes Series | Highend Palettes
As a little welcome back to the world of blogging I thought I'd start up a new blog series. You all know I'm all about eye makeup so I can't think of a better series than something that focus's on everything eye makeup related! So to kick start things let's talk highend eyeshadow palettes!

All because something comes with a high price tag, it doesn't actually mean that the product inside is going to be any good, this is a lesson I've learnt over the years, and I'll share a few of the ones that aren't worth the money another time, as today I want to talk about those that are worth every single penny and then some!

All About Eyes Series | Highend Palettes

All About Eyes Series | Highend Palettes

Stila In The Light Palette - £25 
Well this isn't going to come as a surprise is it?! My most used palette of 2014 is of course going to make this list! I get it's not exactly over priced, which actually makes this palette an even bigger must have! You have every colour you could possibly want to create something that's more day time appropriate but also you can switch things up to create a more sultry look for the evening. It comes with ten shades, four matte that are extremely easy to blend in and kick up very little fall out and six shimmers that are absolutely stunning both in the pan and on the lid! I've hit pan on three shades already and I'm going to be honest the palette is looking very well loved and dirty, as you can see from the photo above! For me this is a must have for every single person, whether you wear eyeshadows on a daily basis or whether you just like to wear something on special occasions. For a full review go HERE and for a makeup look check this link out HERE 

I don't think any eyeshadow palette post can go without a nod to the Urban Decay naked palettes. The Naked 3 palette was the first one I actually bought (I've gone on to buy the rest and the basics 2 palette) and out of them all this is my favourite. For me you can buy a neutral eyeshadow palette that contains a lot of browns in and to be honest there isn't much that can set one brand apart from the next (there are exclusions) so a neutral palette that contains more pink under toned shades is a must have for those who don't generally suit the browns and golds. It's gorgeous and creates such a stunning eye look, especially if you use the gorgeous shimmers (dust and burnout are my favourites) The palette itself is also one of my favourite designs, and let's be honest, we're all suckers for pretty packaging! Quality wise the eyeshadows are amazing, they last all day, however the shimmers do contain fall out when applying them, but using a good primer controls that. For a full review click HERE

Too Faced The Return Of Sexy Eyeshadow Palette - £38.50
This is one of the newest palettes that I own and I honestly don't know why it took me so long to purchase it. I'd been eyeing it up for months and buying it is something I definitely don't regret doing. What I love about this palette is the way the colours are all laid out. It's like you have three different palettes all rolled up in to one. The shades cover every base, the neutral, the bright and the smokey and you can mix all the colours together to create untold amounts of looks. One thing to note is that every single shade is a shimmer. For me that's not a massive issue as I love shimmers and can just use a matte for in my crease from one of my millions of other eyeshadows, but I do get that it could be an issue for some people. These colours are so pigmented, you literally only need to lightly tap your brush into the pan to pick up enough product. This has become the palette that I wear on a night out as the shimmers really do make my eyes pop. If you love your eyes to sparkle slightly then pick this up! For a full review click HERE

MAC Cool Neutral Eyeshadow Palette - £65 
I can't write about eyeshadows and not mention MAC right? When MAC launched their two pre-made 15 colour palettes everyone kind of went a little mental. I mean to purchase 15 eyeshadows and the palette singular it would set you back a whopping £166.50, so believe me I was snapping up this palette because in my head I was saving over £100... yes I get I wouldn't have purchased all of the colours, but still the logic is there, well for me anyway! Obviously with the pre-made palettes you can't re-fill them, but most palettes you can't unless they are build your own, so it's no issue to me. I bought the cool neutral because the shades suited me the most. Unlike some of MACS palettes, this one doesn't scrimp on quality. The eyeshadows to me are the same quality as the singles that I own. The palette contains a good mix of textures, five mattes, 9 shimmers and one glitter shade, they're also a good mix of colours too, plenty of neutrals to wear during the day but you can smoke the look out to create something more dramatic. If you love MAC but can't quite stretch to the usual price or are impatient and want a full palette straight away then I really do recommend picking this up.

So those are my favourite highend palettes. I have more, but these tend to be the ones I reach for on a daily basis, I kind of flit between them or mix and match! I mean when you own so many eyeshadows why not grab four palettes at a time to create a totally different look?!

If there is anything you'd like me to feature within this all about eyes series then do let me know and I'll try hardest to.

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