April Beauty Favourites

April Beauty Favourites

Let's be honest I've totally sucked at these monthly favourites posts this year, which is annoying as they're my favourite to both read and write! Anyway can we just all take a moment and sit and wonder where on earth this year is already going? I mean it's now May, what is that all about? It freaks me out at how quickly time flies by as you get older.. boooooo! Anyway let's do this!

April Beauty Favourites

I'm all about the contour right now, yet I actually didn't own a contour kit until I purchased the Smashbox Step by Step Contour Kit. I was actually going to buy this awhile back but the size of it put me off. Well I had some Boots Points so decided to give in and purchase the damn thing! Well I love it! I literally have been wearing this every day since I bought it and have found that I can't do my makeup without it! I'm going to be posting a full review of this in the next week or so, so keep your eyes peeled for a more detailed review with swatches. But for now just know I bloody love this!!!

Now I bought this months ago. Used it for a week or two, loved it then got bored of it. Well I ran out of all my favourite brow pencils and thought I'd get this out again. Well I've got my love back for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade and then some! As someone with very sparse and light brows I do crave for fuller brows (not bushy brows, most people know my take on that one...) but yeah I'd like them to be fuller. Well not only is this colour the perfect ashy tone that I love, but it really does help me create the appearance of actually having brows! I can't do my brows without it now as I feel like they look bare! LOVE THIS!!! the more I use it the quicker I get at doing my brows too! I honestly think Anastasia Beverley Hills can do no wrong when it comes to brows!

On a night out I like to rock a strong red lip! But it's hard to find a lipstick that will stay put all day and after one or 10 drinks things can get a little bit blurry, and applying red lipstick when a wee bit tipsy is a bit tricky to say the least! Now for starters I love the deep cherry shade, it can be a little less harsh than a bright red. Secondly this lipstick stays put, it doesn't budge at all, it's like paint for the lips yet it's not drying at all, which is a HUGE plus for me! The amount of compliments I got whilst wearing this was crazy! This will now be my go to red lippy for those 'out out' nights out! Definitely want to pick up some other colours too!

For those who aren't in the UK, you may not know that we have been having some pretty nice weather, it's ok, I'm not getting ahead of myself as I know it won't last long! But as a very naturally pale person it's very important that I don't get this bottle white legs out and scare people! That's where self tan comes in handy! I'm loving this Cocoa Brown 1 hour Tan Mousse. Not only does it actually smell quite nice, it's so quick and easy to apply, it literally sinks into the skin straight away, which means you can get dressed almost immediately, it's just such an effortless self tan! One thing I will say is for me, an hour isn't enough. I'll apply this before bed like I would any other tan, but for some you may find it develops quicker. Once I've used this up I'm definitely going to try out the darker version, especially if this weather continues to stay nice!

Whilst I was absent from my blog I turned on my out of office auto-response explaining that I wouldn't be responding to emails and the reasons why. Well I received a package and in it was this Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength Bath & Shower Oil with a little note sending their condolences from a PR that I have worked with several times. I found this really over whelming and thought it was such a lovely thing to do, especially as it was totally unexpected. Anyway I've needed to de-stress and relax and I find bath times is where I can relax the most. I adore Aromatherapy Associates bath oils and this one in particular is gorgeous. Not only has this helped me unwind, it leaves my skin feeling gorgeous and the scent is beautiful too, it includes Coconut Oil, Geranium Flower oil, Rosemary Oil amongst others. The good thing about these oils is that a cap full is more than enough to fill the bathroom and surrounding rooms with this gorgeous sweet aroma, so although they are pricey, they do last a long time. 

That's it for my monthly favourites. I have to say that I'm totally loving that Britain's Got Talent is finally back! Bloody love that show and I've missed not having a reality show to watch! Do let me know what you've been loving this month too! 

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