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Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette

Makeup Revolution have made quite a name for themselves since they launched just over a year ago. Not only are they known for their great quality products at a low price, they've also gained quite a reputation for launching products that are dupes for highend brands, and today I'm bringing you yet another one.

Back in February I reviewed the Too Faced Return Of Sexy Eye Palette, which has fast become one of the palettes that I reach for frequently. I mentioned at the end of the post that I'd seen what looked like a dupe from Makeup Revolution and a few people said they'd like me to compare the two. Finally I picked up the Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette - Big Love a few weeks ago and have been testing it out ever since. This will be quite a long post, as I really do like to try to cover everything when it comes to dupes, so go grab a cup of tea and pop your feet up while you have a read.

Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette

Firstly let's talk outer packaging. Well there's no doubt about it at a first glance they look totally different. The Two Faced Return Of Sexy Palette looks just as the name suggests, sexy. It has a gorgeous design that really does stand out next to other palettes whereas the Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette looks just the same as every other palette that they make, it's their signature black glossy case, which I do actually like, as it's quite sleek and clean looking, however when you own probably about twenty of their palettes, it can be a little time consuming going through them all to pick out the palette that you want to use. So to me Two Faced wins here hands down as it really does jump out at you. Inside (sorry forgot to take photos of this) they both have mirrors, MUR mirror is the full size of the lid, which is ideal for when you're away and need a decent sized mirror, whereas Too Faced has a mirror that's around a third of the size of the lid, so it's much smaller in comparison. It's also worth mentioning that Two Faced came with a eyeliner pencil and their shadow insurance primer (photos in original review) which is a nice extra, and MUR comes with a a double ended eye applicator, and I know how we all feel about those!

Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette

I mentioned in my original review that the layout inside the Two Faced palette was one of my favourite designs, as it's like you have three eye palettes in one and yes as you can see the MUR palette is laid out in exactly the same way (as you can see my Too Faced palette is very well loved due to how filthy it looks) For any newbies out there who might not be sure what to do with eyeshadows I think the layout of both is ideal for them. Despite the three colours grouped together, they can all be mixed together to create an untold amount of different eye looks, another reason why the Two Faced palette is a favourite of mine and why I wanted to see if this was a dupe. At a quick glance it would look like MUR has more product due to the fact the pans are all slightly longer, but actually Too Faced contains more product at 15g in total, compared to 13g within the MUR palette. Not a huge difference, but when comparing dupes it's worth mentioning.

Now the all important bit comparisons of shades.

Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy PaletteDupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette
The first section is the neutral shades, as you can see there's not actually much between any of the shades, a few are a little bit lighter but the only shades that aren't an exact dupe are the the 'New in town' and 'Chameleons' MUR Chameleons is definitely a brighter gold shade compared to Two Faced New in town which although is golden, contains much more sparkle to it with a darker golden undertone, however on the lids the difference is less noticeable. Overall this section of the palette is pretty much the same, both in pan form, swatches and on the lids too.

Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette
Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette

With the purple section I think it's obvious there is difference between some of the shades. For me the Two Faced shades contain more sparkle whereas the MUR shades are more shimmery with less sparkle. Also there's a bigger difference between some of the colours.  I feel like all of the Two Faced colours are more pigmented with deeper purple undertones compared to MUR colours, except for 'Romantic Moments' which is a lot more pigmented. On the lids the difference can be seen too, however the MUR shades are still beautiful.

Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette
Dupe for Too Faced Return of Sexy Palette

Finally the smokey section. All shades are pretty much the same and have very similar pigmentation. MUR 'Stepping out' is a little more pigmented to Too Faced '7 year itch' and contains a little less sparkle. But pretty much all shades are a really good dupe and on the lids it's hard to distinguish the difference between both brands.

Shade wise I think the majority are very similar, only a few are different but as a whole this palette is a great dupe. Texture wise the Too Faced shades are a little more smoother to apply, I find that you need to use less compared to MUR shades. A lot of the Too Faced shades contain glitter, now none of the glitters are chunky at all and they really do help the eyeshadows sparkle, however some of the MUR shadows are more on the shimmery side and don't quite sparkle in the same way, but I still like them and I'm honestly just picking here to explain the differences. Durability between the two are very similar as well.

As a whole I think the Makeup Revolution Pro Looks Palette - Big Love is an amazing dupe for the Too Faced Return Of Sexy Palette. If you're not so big on fancy packaging and don't want to fork out £38.50 then definitely pick up the MUR Big Love palette, at £6 you'll be getting an amazing dupe!

Do you tend to buy based on packaging, brand names or would you be happy to buy a product that's a great dupe that costs a fraction of the price? Although I feature products from MUR that have been sent to me, I purchased this palette myself so that I could compare the two. Again my original review is just HERE

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