All Access Beauty Bloggers | New Facebook Group

All Access Beauty Bloggers  | New Facebook Group

Networking is key for bloggers, not only does it help get your blog seen by different people, it's also a great way to get to know fellow bloggers. One of the best ways to network is via Facebook groups, however the majority of groups are spam type groups, you know, the ones where people just link dump and there is no engagement. I've wanted to create a beauty blogging group for awhile and yesterday I did just that!

I'm a member of one blogging group which I found to be very helpful, it got my blog seen by many different bloggers and has helped it grow, especially during the early days, it's also a great place to get advice too, the only issue is that it's not beauty specific. Now don't get me wrong I don't mind reading other blogs but sometimes mummy blogs and food blogs are not what I want to be reading, like I'm sure those who write blogs about different topics don't want to be reading about my favourite lipsticks.

I created All Access Beauty Bloggers a beauty only blogging group with the aim to help grow your following, promote your blog posts and just general beauty chit chat! It will be a strictly spam free group, no link dumping on the wall, threads will be created so you can promote your blog posts, which encourages everyone to engage with you. Threads for your social media platforms are there too. For example, need a tweet to be seen by more people? Yeah there's a thread for that! If you want some advice then who better to ask than fellow beauty bloggers who write about the same things as you?

I just wanted to write a quick post and let everyone know about the new group and if you'd like to join then you can go just HERE

What would you like from a Facebook blogging group? I'd love to hear peoples ideas so that I can make this new group something that is helpful for everyone and build a good beauty community.

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